The August SAT was a big hit in 2017.  In some metropolitan areas, sites were completely booked in June.  We might have the same problem this year, so if you’re thinking about taking the test this summer, you may want to register now.

Last summer, for the first time in decades, the College Board offered the SAT in August.  We applauded the new test date and welcomed ACT’s decision to offer a July exam.  Summer gives students even more time to get in practice for the exams.  Summertime exams also give rising seniors a shot at improving on their spring scores before application season starts in earnest.  All in all, the exams are big win for students.

The problem last summer was that too many students felt the same way.  In Boston, New York, New Jersey, and some other locations, test sites began filling up in early June.  Demand outstripped supply, and some students had to travel hours away, across state lines, to take the SAT. The College Board, which administers the SAT, ended up adding a few sites in places like Boston and New York City, where many students had nowhere to take the test. The challenge in both those locations is that the school year starts after the August date (In 2017, it was August 26th.  This year it is August 25th.) It looks like this could be an issue again this year, although College Board is working on getting sites in New York City, where, as of May 15, 2018, there were 9 sites giving the test but all of them had already filled up. In fact, 18 out of the 76 sites in New York state are already filled.

The problem could be even worse for the ACT, since almost no schools are in session in July (The ACT is on July 14.) We published a list of the sites where the exam will be offered this summer. Neither California nor New York will offer the ACT this July.

The August site has proven appealing to students, but it was also the second least popular site last year, after the no-longer offered January date.  The problem, almost certainly, is that there just were not enough seats available.  Here is a list of how many students took the test last year on each of the national test dates.

MONTH[bg_sort_this_table pagination=1 perpage=10 showsearch=0 showinfo=0 responsive=1 lang=”en”] NUMBER OF TEST TAKERS
JANUARY 2017 (no longer offered)
MARCH 2017
MAY 2017
JUNE 2017

This table compares the number of sites available in August in each state to the numbr of sties available in October. You can find the names of the schools in each state at the College Board. The online tool, unfortunately, does not tell you which sites have already filled up.  You need to go into the registration process to get that information.

We highlighted, in red, states where there are particulalry large differences between the number of sties in August and October.  Be prepared for them to fill up more quickly.

The message here is clear:  if you are planning to take the SAT in August, sign up sooner rather than later.

State[bg_sort_this_table pagination=1 perpage=10 showsearch=0 showinfo=0 responsive=1 lang=”en”] August 2018 October 2018
Alabama 19 20
Alaska 9 24
Arizona 44 24
Arkansas 16 20
California 267 366
Colorado 33 48
Connecticut 31 82
Delaware 5 12
District of Columbia 2 4
Florida 266 311
Georgia 151 166
Hawaii `22 20
Idaho 6 16
Illinois 54 70
Indiana 85 96
Iowa 6 7
Kansas 13 12
Kentucky 18 12
Louisiana 16 18
Maine 19 37
Maryland 56 82
Massachusetts 52 129
Michigan 40 75
Minnesota 7 19
Mississippi 8 10
Missouri 11 16
Montana 4 11
Nebraska 7 8
Nevada 14 17
New Hampshire 7 35
New Jersey 100 202
New Mexico 16 17
New York 76 262
North Carolina 115 173
North Dakota 3 3
Ohio 48 63
Oklahoma 6 16
Oregon 25 47
Pennsylvania 115 232
Puerto Rico 12 11
Rhode Island 8 19
South Carolina 49 66
South Dakota 3 3
Tennessee 13 18
Texas 265 374
Utah 5 9
Vermont 12 22
Virginia 90 141
Washington 40 81
West Virginia 11 9
Wisconsin 9 15
Wyoming 3 3


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